How It All Began

My brother (left), my father (back left), and me (right) 

My brother (left), my father (back left), and me (right) 

I was entering my fourth year as CEO of a small tech company in Durham, NC. My wife and I had just moved to the historic town of Hillsborough, NC to raise our two girls. I was at work early on a Monday morning standing alone at my desk. Then I received the call. My father had died of a heart attack. It was a shock to our entire family. After thoughtful consideration, I left my CEO position to focus on family and explore my next steps.


The first step I took was starting a men's mentoring group in honor of my father. You can learn more about that work by clicking the fellowship logo or going directly to the non-profit site Without knowing it, I was beginning to prepare for a career in health coaching.   


Around that same time, a mentor of mine shared his own experience completing the Duke Integrative Medicine Health Coach Professional Training Program. I was intrigued and thought it could contribute to the work I was doing with the CL Thomas Fellowship men's group I had started. I was inspired and stretched throughout the training program and I also completed the certification course at Duke Integrative Medicine. I had world-class teachers and learned the essential elements of Integrative Health Coaching. My classmates provided excellent feedback and support throughout, shout out to Cohort 35 who traveled across the States and even Singapore, Brazil, and Israel to attend! By the end of the course, I was confident in my calling and skills to start my own practice. I founded Health Coach CEO, LLC and now I'm actively coaching clients.

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